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About @NippleMagazine


Since 2016 @nipplemagazine is an archive that collects photos of censored female nipples on Instagram under the hashtag #STOPnipplecensorship.

Female nipples on Instagram DO NOT EXIST.

They're flowers, emojis, sparkles, hearts, spots, flashes… However they're simply NOT nipples.


@nipplemagazine denounces discrimination against women on Instagram, a social network with nearly one billion users.

@nipplemagazine wants to break with the idea that the female body is an inherently sexual object.
Actually, a female nipple should be the same than a male nipple.

@nipplemagazine is a call for reflection on the way women are portrayed in social networks.

@nipplemagazine denounces the control of a well-established patriarchy, preventing men and women from being seen as absolutely equal.

Together we can #STOPnipplecensorship (💪)(💪)

JOIN US at @nipplemagazine

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